Perhaps other all-season divers know the problem: after a few years it will be boring, always  to greet the same fish or to swim around the same stones. One needs a new incentive. The incentive would be to dive longer and deeper. In that case one has to carry then two or  more tanks instead of one to the water or has to trust the technology of a rebreather. What was provoking for me, was to keep my impressions of diving in pictures. At the  beginning, there were first attempts with a Fuji FinePix camera. It is amazing how proud one  could be of the first, not completely blurred and wiggly photos. After my first impressions, I  quickly realized that there are good reasons to use an external strobe and save the photos in  RAW format. The result of this realization: A DX-1G camera with a YS-110alpha strobe from  Sea&Sea.Then again a growing dissatisfaction after one year enthusiasm: only very less fish  have the patience to keep still some seconds until a compact camera finished focusing, if you  come that close at all.  In addition, noise belongs to the sea, but not on photos of it. Since 2010 a Canon EOS 500 D in an aluminum housing from UK Germany and meanwhile two  YS-D1 strobes accompany me together with my dear wife, who patiently takes the stress of a  UW model. The motivation is not clouded even after a couple of years. Now it only lies in the  hand of the photographer... By the way: the name Tauchernest is a German word and corresponds approximately with  “diver’s nest”. All visitors to our website are invited to enjoy the pictures from the  fascinating world under water.
The Buddy Team of Tauchernest
last change: 30.09.2018
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